Dear Delegate,

The National Tax Limitation Committee has been advocating for lower taxes and limited government since 1975. Even before we were officially founded we worked with Ronald Reagan to fashion the first California initiative to limit taxes: Proposition 1 in 1973. We share the California Republican Party platform's commitment to reducing taxes and cutting burdensome regulations as the key to economic growth and prosperity.

Like you, we strongly support Proposition 13 as the last line of defense for California taxpayers, and we remain vigilant in opposition to the labor bosses' efforts to undermine or repeal it. That's why I'm writing to urge all Republican delegates to reject any and all efforts to repeal the top two primary. The repeal of Proposition 14 would almost certainly give labor bosses the power to finally repeal Proposition 13.

The top two primary is fundamental to protecting Proposition 13. It forces labor's allies into countless, costly battles with each other. In fact, according to a recent report, Democrats have wasted a staggering 197 million dollars attacking other Democrats in Democrat-only elections since top two's passage. This infighting under top two is a fundamental reason why, despite their influence, labor bosses have failed to secure the votes to repeal Proposition 13.

The repeal of the top two primary would serve as an immediate and potentially catastrophic multi-million dollar "gift" to these labor unions who would immediately aim those millions at defeating Republican legislators. Even with all our combined support, the most conservative, pro-business Republicans would be in the fight of their lives. California's labor unions - and their allies in the legislature - would almost certainly realize their dream of repealing Proposition 13. We cannot allow that to happen.

The National Tax Limitation Committee supports the significant reform steps taken by the California Republican Party in recent years. We believe those reforms have laid the foundation for long-term success. We also believe that repealing Proposition 14 would be a threat to both the Republican Party and the taxpayers of California, for whom the Republican Party serves as the last line of defense.

California's labor union allies are pushing to repeal Proposition 14 so they can finally repeal Proposition 13. Let's not do anything to help them. Let's continue to stand together to fight them.

We respectfully urge you to reject any effort to repeal the top two primary.


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