Dear GOP delegate:

As members of the California Delegation to the 2016 Republican National Convention, we were proud to support Donald Trump as our Republican nominee for President of the United States. We saw firsthand how his agenda and message attract crossover independents and Democrats to our cause and our Party. That is why we are writing to strongly oppose current efforts to repeal the "Top Two" primary here in California.

The importance of crossover votes for candidates who support Trump and his agenda can't be overstated. Independent voters made the difference in swing states that added to Trump's electoral vote total. One post-election analysis by the Independent Voter Project found that "Independent Voters Flipped The Entire Presidential Election to Trump."

Yet some in our party are launching a misguided effort to repeal the "top two" primary system. Repealing the top two primary will prevent this new coalition of independents and Democrats from providing early support to pro-Trump Republicans, putting these Republicans at a real disadvantage in our June primaries.

Nowhere is taking advantage of Trump's crossover appeal more important than in California, where "no party preference" is the fastest-growing registration. Donald Trump may be a Republican, but he has started a movement that brings independents into our party to support long overdue, common sense, pro-growth policies that will help all Americans achieve a better life.

Why would we hurt our pro-Trump Republicans by cutting out these voters in the primary? The answer is, we shouldn't. Let's support our pro-Trump Republicans and let's grow our party by keeping the Top Two primary in place.