Dear Delegate,

I’m sure you will agree that Republicans are in desperate shape in California.

While I’m encouraged that there are a lot of ideas floating around on how to make the Republican Party relevant again in California, I am concerned that our Party will spread itself too thin by pursuing too many disparate ideas in 2018. We do not have the resources that the special interests in Sacramento have so we absolutely must prioritize what we do. This upcoming convention is our opportunity to sort things out.

We need to focus. Do one thing well. Pick one BIG idea that resonates the best with California voters.

I believe that one thing is the repeal of the gas tax.

The polling shows repealing the gas tax is the hottest issue in California today and it transcends demographics (age, gender, race, orientation, etc.) It unites our base, turns out our voters, and attracts Independents and even many Democrats who are struggling with the high cost of living in our state.

I’m concerned that we will get distracted as a Party with irrelevant "internal" fights that mean absolutely nothing to the average California voter.

The problems with the Republican Party in California can only be solved if we offer a compelling agenda for California voters that aligns with THEIR day-to-day concerns — like the repeal of the gas tax.

I suggest we set aside the divisive internal issues for the time being and instead use this upcoming convention to send a strong message to Party leaders: we want focus. We want to get behind the repeal of the gas tax as our unifying theme in 2018. Everything else is a distraction.


Carl DeMaio
Chairman – Reform California