Dear Delegate,

By this time, you have heard arguments for and against the existing top two primary system framed in the context of its impact on legislative races. We thought it important for you to hear from those of us who have to run locally in open primaries and proven that when Reagan-Republican conservatism is properly explained, we can, and do, win in top two elections.

As local elected officials, we are required in top two elections to reach out and build our conservative coalition early in the election process. Under these rules, Republicans actually hold over 1200 city and county offices, almost equal to the number of Democrats. We, your local elected officials, are rebuilding our party from the ground up.

Republican candidates learning to win votes across party lines under top two rules isn't just a good thing - it's a necessity for Republicans in Democrat-dominated California. But now, some are arguing that we should eliminate the top two primary for our legislative and statewide candidates, as if just talking to ourselves until the general election will somehow make it easier to win in November.

Republican friends, as local elected officials, we cannot stress enough that this effort to repeal the top two primary is short-sighted and will hurt the future growth of our party. Simply changing the rules won't grow our party, it will just send a message that we want to disenfranchise the fastest growing group of voters in California - NPP's and decline to states-- making it harder for us to reach out and win in the future.

We urge you to reject efforts to repeal the top two primary. Local elected Republicans are proving that with our conservative message, we can reach out and win across party lines. That's how we will win again at the legislative and statewide level.