Dear Delegate,

Once again, we ask you to reject efforts to repeal the top two primary. You may have received an email calling our suggestion "bizarre."

Here's what's bizarre: Siding with the California Democratic Party chairman and public employee unions in trying to stop the 200-million-dollar Democrat civil war being fought in safe Democratic districts under Proposition 14.

Since when is a 200-million-dollar civil war among Democrats a bad thing?

That civil war, which is tying up literally hundreds of millions of Democrat Party dollars, is the single biggest reason we have a chance to break the Democrats' two-thirds majority this cycle even though Democrats are outraising Republicans in Sacramento by a 3 to 1 margin.

After you strip away the rhetoric, here's the opposing argument: If we just change back the rules, magically we will elect more Republicans.

No one refutes the fact that if we repeal Proposition 14, the resulting torrent of Democratic dollars that would be unleashed on Republican legislators and candidates would have exactly the opposite effect.

Rebuilding our party is hard work and there are no easy answers despite what repeal Proposition 14 proponents suggest. We all know our party's challenges began long before voters passed the top two primary. But giving Democrats more money to spend against us would make electing Republicans in partisan races much more difficult.

Let's join together to do the real work of rebuilding our party from the ground up. That means recruiting great candidates, giving them the support to make it into the runoff, and then electing them.

Let's not be misled by the false promises of Proposition 14 repeal. Let's let Proposition 14 continue to divide Democrats while Republicans stay united in our commitment to do the real work required to succeed and win.