Dear Delegate,

As former Republican state legislative leaders, we've each been responsible for electing Republicans. We know what it takes to win, and what's at stake.

We're writing to strongly recommend that Republican delegates reject the current efforts to repeal Proposition 14. Repealing Proposition 14 right now would rescue California Democrats from their brutal and costly infighting, and would almost certainly unleash a potentially devastating tsunami of money against our Republican candidates, a tsunami that might put us in super minority status indefinitely.

Just look at the facts. As reported by Cal Watchdog, over the past three election cycles,
Democrats have spent a staggering $197 million on intraparty battles under Proposition 14. The Democratic infighting under Proposition 14 has become so vicious that Politico recently wrote that California's Democratic Party has plunged into "civil war," and the Chair of the Democratic Party recently warned that Proposition 14 is the "gravest danger" facing the Democratic Party.

When your opponents are attacking each other, the best strategy is to get out of the way.

It's difficult enough to win legislative seats when Democrats are currently outraising Republicans 3 to 1. You don't have to fully support the top two primary to realize that now is no time to repeal Proposition 14 and give the Democrats a $197 million dollar gift - enough to spend $3 million targeting every single Republican legislator in the State Senate or State Assembly.

Our California Republican Party faces challenges, and the comeback won't happen overnight. But needed reforms are taking hold and the party is headed in the right direction in the long term. Whether you support Proposition 14 or not, we should all agree that it's a positive development that the Democrats are spending $197 million against their own candidates instead of against ours.

Let's focus on rebuilding our party - not theirs. We urge you to join us in rejecting current efforts to repeal Proposition 14.